This morning, Starbucks posted a cute video with dogs to advertise a new and exciting retail venture: Pupbucks! That’s right, Starbucks is introducing a “brand new breed of Starbucks stores” exclusively for dogs. April Fools!

The idea of a coffee shop just for furry friends seems ridiculous…but is it? Of course, it is! But maybe offering Starbucks-inspired items designed for dogs isn’t. Puppy pops, mimicking their delicious cake pops? Or a Bark Box, similar to their grab-and-go Bento box style snacks? Starbucks is already known for offering the companions of their customers cups of water or the famous #Puppacino, whipped cream in a Starbucks cup, so venturing into the realm of Instagram-able doggie treats wouldn’t be a huge leap.


I take my dogs with me in the Starbucks drive-thru all the time and I have to admit, if Starbucks sold fancy dog treats, I would certainly spend too much money on them. Yes, it’s ridiculous, but also….


While we all anxiously await the next Starbucks announcement, please brighten your day with these cute dogs enjoying a Puppacino.


What do you think? Should Pupbucks be a business? Should Starbucks sell dog treats? Or is this too much nonsense?

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