French Press: Worth the Hype?

I use a Keurig to make my daily coffee. It’s simple and easy to use. It’s quick for those early mornings. And it makes individual cups, which is perfect when you’re the only one in your house who drinks coffee. However, according to the Coffee Tips provided to me by Trebilcock Coffee Roasters, “A Keurig is not a coffee brewer.” While I felt personally attacked, I also felt motivated to try something new, to try an actual coffee brewer. I had an old French Press from Ikea and it looked pretty easy. So, I gave it a try!

Seeing as I had never used a French Press before, I went to the place that everyone goes to when they’re confused: Youtube.

After watching a couple videos, I found one that presented the steps in the most simplistic, logical way.

I gathered my equipment and was ready to try something new!

French Press from Ikea and grounds from Lavazza

I followed the video exactly and tried to be as precise as possible. Here’s my experience using a French Press for the first time.

Step 1: Scoop one heaping teaspoon of coffee per cup

For this, I used an actual teaspoon, like the one you use when you’re baking, in an effort to be as precise as possible. I used three teaspoons because three cups of coffee seemed ideal.

Step 2: Pour enough hot water (30 seconds off boil) to completely soak the grounds

I timed 30 seconds from when the kettle stopped boiling. After that, I poured in the water to “completely soak the grounds.” I thought that was somewhat a vague description, as in the video, it looks like there was a lot of water. However, when I was doing it myself, I realized that you did need a fair amount of water to soak the grounds entirely.  

 Step 3: Pour remaining water over coffee

After waiting 45 seconds as instructed, it was time to pour in the rest of the water. Here’s where I think my biggest mistake was: I didn’t measure out my water before hand, I just eyeballed it. In the video, it looked like they poured in a lot of water, so I did the same. But, I feel like it was too much water, as my coffee didn’t taste as strong as I would have liked it to. Maybe I poured in more water than indicated in the video, or maybe I just used too much water for my own personal taste.  

Step 4: Slowly press plunger

After waiting for four minutes, as indicated in the video, I got to do the fun part: pressing down the plunger. There wasn’t as much as resistance as I thought there would be. But, it was still fun.

Step 5: Pour and enjoy

Once I poured it into my mug, it didn’t look as dark and rich as I thought it would. I think this was due to my overuse of water? Despite the taste not being as bold as I had hoped, it was very smooth and not grainy at all. My Keurig coffee sometimes tastes grainy and I was very impressed that coffee from the French Press was not grainy. While it was not the perfect cup of coffee, I found the French Press easy to use, it was much simpler than I thought it would be. I am intrigued to use it again, but with more coffee grounds next time!

Ok, but how cute is that mug!

Have you used a French Press before? What was your experience? 


  1. This was so great! Sounds like such a fun experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the Graycen precision and accuracy of the process 😉 I’m sure with some more practice you’ll nail the perfect cup of coffee.


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