Trebilcock Coffee Roasters

Located in Pickering, east of Toronto, is Trebilcock Coffee Roasters. You can purchase cups of coffee, bags of beans and unique coffee brewing equipment. Trebilcock is a father-son business that focuses on educating consumers while providing great cups of coffee.

When I entered the store, I was immediately engulfed in the delicious smell of fresh coffee. At Trebilcock, they create their own blends and roast their own beans. They are committed to sustainability and building relationships beyond fair trade, which explains why they travel to South America to build relationships with local coffee growers. I’m looking forward to going back and talking with the owners to learn more about their bean selection process!  

Trebilcock Menu
Their menu features multiple unique blends and advice on how to brew the perfect cup!

As part of their promise to make a positive impact on the whole coffee supply chain and support artisan coffee growers, they feature this very educational video on their website.

Now, let’s talk about the coffee! After discussing my coffee preferences with a lovely and very informative representative, we decided that I should try the Cocks Crow blend, a medium dark roast featuring flavour notes of nuts and chocolate. Overall, it was a very bold and full-bodied taste which I quite enjoyed. I’m intrigued to try their other offerings!

In my opinion, part of what makes Trebilcock Coffee Roasters so unique is their approach to brewing coffee. You can tell that they are truly passionate about making the best cup of coffee possible. Once I decided on my roast, the beans were carefully measured out and ground right in front of me. To brew the coffee, they use a Clever Coffee Dripper, which I had never heard of before but made a delicious cup in a seemingly easy manner. It involved some precision, including testing the temperature of the water and timing how long the coffee brewed. But then, you just place the Clever Coffee Dripper on top of the cup and watch it drip!

Clever Coffee Dripper
Trebilcock Coffee

At Trebilcock Coffee Roasters, they are all about brewing the perfect cup of coffee. You can find literature in store and on their website about how to do so. If you go in store, they are more than happy to talk with you and describe how they make their coffee while giving recommendations about how to do so at home.

Coffee Tips

After all, friends don’t serve friends bad coffee.

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