Hot Spot: Hot Black Coffee

I was walking down the streets of Toronto when I saw this sign.

If you came across a sign claiming to have the “Best. Coffee. Ever.” what would you do?

  1. Walk on by
  2. Walk in and grab a coffee, duh
  3. I probably didn’t even see the sign, I was too busy looking at my phone

I’m sure you can guess which option I chose.

The inside of the café is small. It’s in the middle of Toronto, of course it’s small. But they really use the space effectively. To your right is a series of small tables and on your left is their menu. Their menu is so creative and such a unique use of space. It really acts as a piece of décor in addition to serving a purpose.

I tried to order a Coffee Popsicle because that sounds life changing. But it was winter so it wasn’t available. Stay tuned for a summer review!


They also have this ADORABLE wagon for delivery within “wagon distance”. Do they actually deliver? I have no idea. But it’s super cute either way!

I would order “wagon coffee” every morning if I could.

Hot Black Coffee really deserves some bonus points for their creative décor. They had glasses hanging on the wall with plants, some classic Canadian looking plaid, and a wooden outline of a Christmas tree with Christmas lights because they were festive.

Yes, there’s a Christmas tree. I’m a little behind on my reviews. Thanks for reading anyways😘

Now, back to the reason I entered. “Best. Coffee. Ever.” While they had some delicious sounding drinks, I ordered the drink that they’re named after, a Hot Black Coffee. And it was indeed hot (I know because I immediately spilt it all over my hand), black, and a coffee.

Was it the best coffee I’ve ever had? I honestly don’t know, but it was very good. It had a very strong and bold taste, which I quite enjoyed. I couldn’t taste any hints of any unique flavours or spices. It  just tasted like a good, real, complex cup of coffee.

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