Brew Review: Mocha @ Aroma Espresso Bar

Hey guys, it’s Graycen and welcome back to my channel..err blog! I know it’s been a minute, so let’s get reacquainted. I love coffee, you love coffee, that’s why we’re both here (and I appreciate you being here). But I also love chocolate, and that’s where today’s recommendation comes from.

Look at all that chocolate on top!


As established, I love mochas! (If you haven’t read about my love of peppermint mochas, take a moment to read it and mourn the end of peppermint mocha season). One of my favourite, go-to mochas is from the Aroma Espresso Bar. It is the most delicious, rich, chocolatey mocha I have consistently enjoyed.I haven’t had one good mocha from Aroma, I haven’t had two, every single mocha I have ever had from Aroma has been just as delicious as the last. It may not sound special, it has chocolate, espresso, and a layer of steamed milk, just like every mocha. But what really makes this mocha stand out is the chocolate. Aroma doesn’t use a chocolate syrup or powder, they use real chunks, and I mean CHUNKS, of chocolate. And the espresso and steamed milk get poured on top of these chunks of chocolatey goodness until they melt. You have to stir the melted chocolate on the bottom to ensure that it mixes with the rest of the drink, but the extra work is worth it. The real chocolate makes such a delicious difference and it’s kinda fun to stir your own drink. You can order it with milk chocolate or white chocolate, both are delicious but I prefer the milk chocolate.

Taste: ☕️☕️ ☕️ I mean, we’ve established it’s one of my favs

Price: 💰💰Pricey, but average for a good mocha

Presentation: ⭐️⭐️Average presentation

PRO TIP: Enjoy the Mocha from Aroma if, and ONLY if, you plan on staying in the café. I feel VERY strongly about this! If you stay at the café, you get to enjoy it in a real mug and stir the chocolate with a real spoon. You can even scoop some of the delicious chocolate from the bottom and eat it. If you take it to go, you’re not only killing the environment, but you have to stir the chocolate with a weak stir stick. This method does NOT incorporate the chocolate into the drink well. You end up with a bunch of melted chocolate at the bottom, that you can’t even scoop because the stir stick is too weak.


Have you had the mocha from Aroma Espresso Bar before? What are your thoughts?

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