5 Reasons Why Mugs Make Great Gifts

I love mugs! I have a bit of a collection, which I know will only grow with Christmas and Boxing Day right around the corner. Let me just clarify, by mugs I mean both the stay-at-home Sunday morning mugs and the out-the-door in-the-car weekday morning reusable mugs. #muglove

I use them daily for my coffee, my tea, and honestly for all other beverages when I’m too lazy to wash a glass. Mugs make me happy because in my ever-growing collection, I can always find one to match my mood. One of my favourite things about mugs is that they make great gifts. I’m gifting so many mugs this year! Let me tell you why.


Mugs ARE wrapping paper

I HATE wrapping gifts! I don’t have the patience to make them look as stunning as I would like. But if you’re gifting a mug, you don’t have to wrap it. I mean, you can if you want to, but I suggest just putting all other gifts inside the mug, if possible. Then, all you have to do is throw it in a gift bag and stick some tissue paper on top. Voila! An artsy looking gift that didn’t involve meticulously cutting wrapping paper, positioning tape, and praying that your ribbon doesn’t uncurl.  

See how cute everything looks?! And it took 2 seconds

Mugs are convenient

Buying a mug is convenient. You can buy them pretty much anywhere. Pick up a mug at Winners, or when you’re already out and doing your groceries. Pick up a mug at Shopper’s Drug Mart on the way to your holiday party if you have to.  

Giving a mug is convenient, you can’t go wrong with a mug. Nobody hates mugs and everyone is bound to use a mug. You can always find a nice mug with a generic design, making it work for anyone and for any occasion. Mugs are great for that new person on your Christmas list or for White Elephant, when you don’t know who may end up with it. In this sense, mugs can be rather bland, making them great for anyone, even those you don’t know very well.  

Mugs are personal

Sure, mugs can be generic, which make them ideal for people you may not know very well. But mugs can also be purchased with a specific person in mind, which means they can be tailored to that person’s likes and personality. There are mugs out there for every interest imaginable. If you look hard enough, can find something specific for everyone on your list. But in my experience, the best, most personal mugs, are found hidden on a shelf at Winners with that perfect image or saying reminding you immediately of someone in your life. 

Ideal for someone who speaks Spanish and appreciates a good pun.

Mugs can be customized

A customized mug is different from a personal mug. It is a mug that you have made for someone and it makes for a very thoughtful gift. A couple Christmases ago, I got my mom a mug with a picture from our last family vacation and she loved it! I ordered it through Blacks, which I don’t think is in business anymore, but you can get pictures printed on mugs (and just about anything else) at Staples or Costco.

You can also get custom made mugs from local, independent vendors. There are tons of independent vendors on Facebook and Instagram that make unique items of great quality. I purchased some custom Starbucks mugs from Designed by Lyss for myself and for others this year and not only are they beautiful, but they’re so unique and like nothing any of my friends have! Not only are you getting a great gift for someone special (or maybe for yourself), but you can take pride in supporting an independent entrepreneur.  

The mug that I gifted…to myself. And the only time that my name has been spelt correctly on a Starbucks cup! Thanks Alyssa!

Mugs are meaningful

Everyone uses mugs, many use them daily. So *BONUS*: your gift will actually be used. All mugs mean something, even if they’re just a generic design. A cute design may brighten someone’s morning, a sassy saying may make someone laugh. Most importantly, that mug will remind someone of the person who gave it to them. Every day, when the mug that you gifted is being used for morning coffee, someone will hopefully smile and think of you.

Actual footage of my morning coffee

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