Hot Spot: Five Elements Espresso Bar

Five Elements Espresso Bar is located on Avenue Road, in the heart of Yorkville. Considering that it is in Yorkville, Five Elements is rather spacious, with many places to sit and chat or sit and study. You enter onto a half floor with some seating and can choose to head up the stairs to place your order and enjoy some seating, or head downstairs to a full floor of various seating areas. All three levels are decorated with local art, which I believe you are able to purchase on the spot.

One of the unique pieces of decor.

The espresso counter is also large, with an expansive menu of hot and cold drinks as well as various food items. I ordered some sort of chocolate croissant, which was delicious. Their food menu includes soup, oatmeal, and protein balls, in addition to the usual café offerings of muffins and cookies. At the recommendation of the barista, I tried their cortado, which she described as being a small cup of strong coffee, topped with a mixture of half milk and half cream. A quick Google search confirmed this. Cortado, meaning “cut” in Spanish, is a popular drink in Spain, Portugal and throughout Latin America. It is an espresso based drink topped with an equal amount of hot milk to cut the acidity.

My cortado from Five Elements.

I don’t take milk or cream in my coffee, so the heavy taste of milk in my first sip caught me off guard. Even though I was told it was half milk, the prominent taste still surprised me. The espresso taste was very nice and could be tasted consistently throughout the drink. Overall, I really enjoyed the drink. It was tasty and caffeinated. But I don’t think I’m a huge fan of the cortado, too much milk for my preference. With the being said, I still enjoyed the cortado and my whole experience at Five Elements Espresso Bar.   

Five Elements Espresso Bar does not have an Instagram page that I can encourage you to follow, but if you’re in the Yorkville area, I would recommend that you check them out! The menu is vast, the coffee was nice, and the space itself is lovely. It is really a great spot to sit and do some work with a warm drink and free Wi-Fi or a take advantage of their multiple seating areas and chill atmosphere to catch up with friends.

After all, isn’t chatting with friends over great coffee that what life is about?

Chalkboard sign which greets you at Five Elements Espresso Bar.

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