Hot Spot: Sorry Coffee Co.

The most Canadian café? Maybe. Sorry Coffee Co. (what a Canadian name) is located in Yorkville, almost hidden behind a park and between a series of other stores and restaurants. The café is actually in the back of Kit and Ace, a store located on Bloor street with a minimal aesthetic. This aesthetic is continued through the store and into Sorry’s space. I love the look of their space, the counters are white and have a marble look to them, all machinery in the space is a beautiful copper colour. As Sorry is located in the back of a store, the actual café is very tiny. However, they do offer a few seats nestled in the corner and a countertop looking out a massive window into the park. In the summer, the counter space is a great place to see people walking their cute dogs. Since the café is tiny, it’s not the best place to meet a huge group of friends or to take up their space for long periods of time, but it’s a lovely spot to sit for a minute.

Sorry Not Sorry

They sell baked goods from other local bakeries, which always look delicious. You can also purchase bags of their own coffee beans to take home. Their drink cups feature different designs with “Sorry” written on them, somewhere. Their drink menu includes all the classics and one unique specialty drink: The Canadiana.

The Canadiana follows the basic format of a specialty coffee drink; however, it contains vanilla, cardamom and, the most Canadian ingredient, maple syrup. And it tastes great! The vanilla doesn’t stand out as a flavour, but the maple syrup and cardamom make the drink taste very unique. The maple is sweet but not too sweet, as it is balanced out by the more savoury tasting cardamom. I had never heard of cardamom before and I can’t quite describe the taste. It’s not quite ginger, but tasted somewhat similar to it in this drink. The Canadiana was unlike any other drink I’ve had before. But I really enjoyed it and love the atmosphere of Sorry Coffee Co.

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