Hot Spot: Deadly Grounds

Spooky season may be over, but you can experience the horror all year round at Deadly Grounds! Deadly Grounds is a café in Oshawa, east of Toronto, which features décor from some of the most recognizable horror movies. When you walk in, you’re greeted from a sign stating “No Axe No Chainsaw No Service” and another with their password for free Die-Fi. The horror theme is evident throughout the café, with a coffin doubling as a shelf, housing their unique coffee beans. Blends include The Hilarious Coffee House of Frightenstein and Witches Brew, which you can purchase in-store or online. There’s a television, which was playing an old Ghost Busters cartoon when I was there, and a number of board games available for your entertainment.

The atmosphere continued with their menu, which featured traditional coffee drinks and specialty coffee drinks. Their specialty drinks for the fall included the appropriately named Freddy’s Fatality, Ichabod, and Winchester. I tried the Winchester, which I believe is named after a supernatural movie of the same name, but I’m not a true horror buff.

The Winchester was a salted caramel latte, but it was one of the BEST salted caramel lattes I’ve ever had! It was topped with caramel, sea salt, and whipped cream which complemented the flavours of the latte well. The coffee taste was not strong in the Winchester, making this drink perfect for those who can’t stand the actual taste. My sister, who hates coffee, loved the drink, almost more than I did! The salt and the caramel worked well together instead of overpowering one another, which is generally my complaint with anything flavoured salted caramel. Overall, the Winchester was a smooth, flavourful drink which I would order again.

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